Rio Olympic
World Champion
European Championships
About Anna

She is a role model, activist and motivator. Advocating a healthy life style and believing in the beauty of your dreams. “through hard work everything is possible"

Dream body workout
by Anna
Anna Rizatdinova Rhythmic Gymnastics
Dream body workout by Anna Rizatdinova
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Who is your inspiration in life?
It inspires me when people are dedicated to their work and are passionate about what they do. Michael Jackson is one of them.
How many hours do you train per day?
I work 6 days a week from 9am to 7 pm. Sunday is my day off.
What’s your favorite apparatus?
The one I won the World Championship with - hoop!
What is the most emotional moment of your life?
The Olympic Games in Rio – The moment I was standing on the podium and realizing that my dream came true.
Your favorite singer?
Lana del Rey, SIA
What is the most beautiful city you have visited?
Rio de Janeiro
How do you get out of a bad mood?
I either pray or go to sleep.
How do you concentrate before a competition?
This is a really difficult and hard part of an athletes live. For me three things help. 1) Feel, with each of my senses, that I am ready. 2) Soliloquizing. Even when I get scared or nervous, I try to face it and convince myself that fear cannot get me off track. 3) Visualization. I go trough every routine in my head before I perform.
Your favorite designer?
Tom Ford
Your workout in three words:
Passion, Discipline and Faith
Do you count calories?
The best way to relax?
Sleep and a day in the Spa
What drives you in life?
My faith and my motivation
Your secret to success?
I completely surrender myself to my work. You have to love what you do and fully dedicate yourself to it.